This Mission Excellence website is a central repository for documents and resources related to the University of Maine System’s transformational change efforts. These change efforts were first guided by the January 2012 Board of Trustees Goals and Actions, and more recently by the July 2014 Board of Trustees Strategic Outcomes and the Chancellor’s January 2015 One University for all of Maine document.

In May 2016 the Board of Trustees adopted a set of four primary outcomes to guide the work of strategic resource investment and allocation planning for the next five years.

Board of Trustees Primary Outcomes

  • Increase Enrollment
  • Improve Student Success and Completion
  • Enhance Fiscal Positioning of the University of Maine System
  • Support Maine through Research and Economic Development

In addition, the Board identified two Secondary Outcomes to supplement this work:

  • Academic Transformation
  • University Workforce Engagement

Key Performance Indicators related to investments in these priority outcomes are reflected in the UMS Board of Trustees Accountability Data Dashboard currently under development.

The Board therefore now declares a set of strategic priorities to meet these Outcomes and provide UMS leadership with sufficient direction and authority to address these critical State needs in service to the people, communities, and businesses of Maine.

What is Mission Excellence?

Every organization has a mission, a charter that it must fulfill or it will lose its’ sponsor(s).  UMS has a tripartite mission:  education, research and related economic development, and community service.  Our major sponsors are the State (through appropriations), our students (through tuition) and our donor community (through gifts, grants, bequests, and business partnerships).  Our sponsors expect us to deliver the best value or they will take their business elsewhere.

Mission Excellence is our term for a comprehensive process to sharpen our focus on our mission and bring increased value to our constituents.  It means focusing our scarce resources and ensuring that our systems, structures, processes, and employees are as efficient and effective as they can be.  Mission excellence is about creating an environment where faculty and staff are engaged in serving our constituents to the best of our abilities, where decision-making is done as close to the clients as competencies allow.  In short, it is about being “best in class.”

We know we have a long way to go and that this effort will take time.  We must do this work to remain both competitive and relevant in an increasingly competitive marketplace and to show that we are firmly committed to accomplishing our mission.

Mission Excellence Initiatives

Specific mission excellence initiatives are guided by the January 2012 University of Maine System Board of Trustees Goals and Actions.  This website is dedicated to communicating those initiatives that have been undertaken and are in process as part of the system-wide mission excellence initiative.  There are also links to the initiatives happening at each campus.