The Program Integration Process will achieve the program integration goal of Strategic Integration Target #4 of the Board of Trustee’s Strategic Outcomes.

Strategic Integration Target 4: Develop a model of academic program and portfolio review and integration that leverages academic resources to enhance program quality, expand access, and meets appropriate financial benchmarks, with at least three pilot projects underway in FY15.

The Chief Academic Officers (CAOs) provide leadership for Program Integration. The process focuses on the work of discipline-based Program Integration Teams of faculty and other representatives to develop recommendations that will improve quality, access, and financial sustainability. A representative Oversight Committee (OC) ensures progress, transparency, and communication.

The first set of Teams reported May 2015, and the second set on April 2016. See the file below called “APRIP Q2 2015 Update for Faculty & Staff – July 2015.”

The second set of Teams launched on September 26, 2015 for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Psychology, and Social Work. Each has a sponsoring Chief Academic Officer. The Team reports will be due January 31, 2016.

For more detailed information on developments during the summer, please see the file below called “Program Integration Report – August 2015.”



Program Integration Round 2


APRIP Round 1


Membership of the APRIP Oversight Committee 2015 – 2016
  • Ellen Chaffee, Executive Director of APRIP and Chair of the Oversight Committee
  • Kathryn Foster, President, UMF
  • Barbara Blackstone, Director and Associate Professor of Athletic Training, UMPI
  • Charles Bernacchio, Associate Professor of Counselor Education, USM
  • Mary Louis Davitt, Professor of Justice Studies, UMA
  • William Desisto, Professor of Chemical Engineering, UM
  • Kathleen Dexter, Dean of Students, UMA
  • Thomas Enerva, Professor of Criminal Justice, UMFK
  • Jeffrey Hecker, Executive VP for Academic Affairs and Provost, UM
  • Gary Johnson, Associate Professor of History, USM
  • Gregory Johnson, Vice Chair, UMS Board of Trustees
  • Eric Jones, Assistant Professor of Plant Biology, UMM
  • Lois-Ann Kuntz, Associate Professor of Psychology, UMM
  • Christopher O’Brien, Associate Professor of History and Division Chair of Social Science & Business, UMF
  • Raymond Rice, Provost and VP for Academic Affairs, UMPI
  • Dana Saucier, Member, UMFK Board of Visitors
  • Rebecca Wyke, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration

Stakeholder Flow Chart Jan 2015