Implementation Oversight Team Roster (C.I.O. Council)
  • Richard Thompson, Chief Information Officer
Report: State of IT – 2017
Report: State of IT – 2015

The University of Maine System technology services was the first group to undergo a system-wide administrative review in 2012. As a result of the Review, technology services were unified and staff were aligned into five strategic areas; Infrastructure, Enterprise Systems, End User Technology, Classroom technology and Campus Services. Some positions were eliminated, primarily in the supervisory level, and savings realized.

US:IT is ready for its next transition. The US:IT State of IT Report 2015 offers a set of needs, recommendations and required investments to modernize technology in the classroom and across the system. The needs were identified based on feedback gathered from discussions with more than 200 customers from across the campuses. The next step will be for US:IT to discuss the Report with the Board of Trustees resulting in a requested acceptance by the Board and charge to develop a work plan including funding options.
Then the real work begins. US:IT will solicit feedback from faculty, students and administrators on the Report and the development of the three year work plan including priorities for implementation. US:IT hopes that you will find the Report useful and you will join us in developing our action plan for the future.

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