The Office of Organizational Effectiveness (OE) was established in May of 2012 with its goal being to optimize the strategic organizational effectiveness across the University of Maine System. Organizational Effectiveness is responsible for assisting the UMS Board of Trustees, Chancellor, Presidents and other leaders with design, development, and implementation of projects, initiatives, policies, and processes that effectively utilize resources while enhancing service and deliverables for our internal and external customers.

OE encompasses the principles of change readiness assessment and management, organizational alignment, efficiency and effectiveness, employee engagement, team-building, facilitation, meeting skills, the role of structure and systems, benchmarking and metrics, strategy development, cultural assessments, process improvement and optimization, leadership development and project management.

If you need to request a Facilitator for a meeting, retreat, strategic planning process, or another initiative that could benefit from facilitation, please contact the OE office to discuss the needs and identify the Facilitator(s) as appropriate.


OE Team

Tamara Mitchell (Director of Organizational Effectiveness) – 207-581-5442

Kim-Marie Jenkins (Coordinator of Lean Continuous Improvement) – 207-581-1587

Samantha Kramer (Administrative Specialist CL3) – 207-581-5443


OE Service Information


Facilitator Training

Organizational Effectiveness Facilitator Training is intended to help develop a cohort of skilled facilitators across UMS that can be utilized to and enhance on-going operations and support local OE multi-location initiatives depending on interests, skills, and availability. The training is organized into three levels:

  • Introductory Facilitator Training – Foundational Facilitation & Effective Meeting Skills
  • Advanced Facilitator Training – Skilled Facilitation & Group Management Skills
  • Master Facilitator Training – Facilitation & Team Development Expertise

Each training level is organized into two, two-day (4 days total) experiential sessions which involve learning, showing and doing.  Potential facilitators may come from any department or work group and should have solid listening, communication, and interpersonal skills.  No prior experience is necessary for Introductory Training, just an interest in assisting in and leading effective meetings and helping groups to work more effectively without directing group content or outcomes.

Individuals completing advanced and mastery levels will learn how to provide structure and process to groups in order to assist in group development management, performance, and decision-making.


Facilitator Training Registration

Registration is now accepted on a rolling basis. Please complete the registration form and we will contact you as soon as the minimum cohort size is met.

Introductory Facilitator Training Registration Form – Now Accepting Applicants!

Have questions? Please visit the department of Organizational Effectiveness at UMaine campus, first floor, Corbett Hall, e-mail, or call 207-581-5443.


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