One University for all of Maine


I. Direction package

A. Mission

B. Vision

C. Purpose

D. Values

E. Guiding Principles for the Change


II. Strategic Initiatives

A. S.I. I – Campus Differentiation in a System Portfolio

a. Campus Strategic Plan Cover Sheets

b. S.I. I Campus Strategic Plan Gantt Chart

B. S.I. II – Finance

a. Unified Financial Management Implementation Plan

b. Unified Finance & Administration Update

c. Unified Finance & Administrative Structure

d. Move to Unified Finance Gantt Chart

e. Finance Reorganization PPT – November, 2015

C. S.I. III Administration

a. Administrative Initiative Overview – Move to a “Service Model” Chart

D. Information Technology

a. IT Gantt Chart

b. US:IT Talking Points

E. Strategic Procurement

a. Administrative Review – Strategic Procurement: Findings & Recommendations

b. Strategic Procurement Gantt Chart

F. Human Resources

a. Update on Human Resources Administrative Review

b. Human Resources Gantt Chart

G. Facilities

a. Facilities Gantt Chart

H. Data Governance and Decision Support

I. S.I. IV – Academic Transformation

J. Program integration

a. APRIP July 2015 Update

b. Program Integration Gantt Chart

K. Portfolio Review

a. Academic Transformation Gantt Chart

L. Other S.I.s

M. On-line / Digitally Enhanced Teaching and Learning

a. Unified Online Gantt Chart

b. Final Unified Online Report and Recommendations (for Committee and BOT Action) – November, 2015

c. Unified Online Report and Recommendations (for Feedback) – October, 2015

N. Community Engagement

a. UMS Community Engagement Annual Report

b. UMS Community Engagement Multi-Year Plan

O. Enrollment Management

a. Enrollment Management Gantt Chart

P. Credit Transfer

a. Credit Transfer Initiative Gantt Chart

Q. ABCDE (Adult Baccalaureate Completion / Distance Education)

a. ABCDE Gantt Chart

R. Accreditation


S. EAB / Student Success Collaborative

a. EAB/SSC Gantt Chart


III. Scenarios and Financial Proforma

A. Scenarios (Check Back April, 2016)

B. Financial Proforma (Check Back April, 2016)


IV. Change Management

A. Inventory of Systems, Policies, Procedures that Need Modification for a Successful Transition

B. Communication and Engagement Plan

a. Communication and Engagement Gantt Chart

C. BOT Dashboard


All Gantt Charts